Diamond Series 8D Filter Press

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  • The 8" Diamond Series plate and frame laboratory filter is designed for use in critical applications where hold-up volumes can be costly. Historically, plate and frame filter technology has required that upon completion of the production cycle, up to 90% of the liquid remaining in the filter needs to be reprocessed or discarded. The Diamond Series eliminates this obstacle entirely. Maximum yield of viable liquid is now possible.

  • Specs. 8D
    Standard Height 0.35 m (13.8 in)
    Standard Width 0.30 m (11.75 in)
    Range of Length 0.40 - 1.25 m (15.8 - 49.2 in)
    Plate Dimension 203 mm square (8 in)
    Ports 4 Internal
    Area per Filter Sheet 0.029 m2 (0.31 ft2)
    Cake Volume - 12.5 mm inlet 0.25 l (0.07 gal)
    Cake Volume - 25 mm inlet 0.68 l (0.18 gal)
    Cake Volume - 37.5 mm inlet 1.02 l (0.18 gal)
    Cake Volume - 50 mm inlet 1.36 l (0.36 gal)
    Batch Size Up to 100 l (26.4 gal)
    Flow Rate Up to 74 lpm (20 gpm)
    *All dimensions are for reference only.
  • 8D Plate Frame Diamond Series Plate Frame