Industrial & Utility

As industrial waste water treatment requirements become more stringent, effective filtration increases in importance. Precious Metal Recovery, Oily Sludge Dewatering, Refinery Waste Lagoon Sludge, and Municipal Waste Water Treatment  are just some examples of the applications the hard-working EA Series line of Recessed Chamber Filter Press systems can tackle. Due to the specialized nature of these larger systems they are not available online. Please request a quote for more information now.

In the Electrical Market, our AquaKv-Pak® solves the water, moisture and particulate removal problem in dielectric fluids with efficiency standards beyond any presently available. Designed and formulated for removal of damaging water, moisture and impurities from transformer oils, circuit breaker oils, voltage regulator, switch gear, steam turbine and arc-quenching oils in electric utility applications.

The AquaKv-Pak is the remarkable ErtelAlsop non-pleated Pak Cartridge for the treatment and processing of insulating oils. The high capacity AquaKv-Pak is the result of long consultation, development and testing in the Electric Utility field. ErtelAlsop believes the AqunKv-Pak exceeds the highest requirements of the industry.