AquaKv-Pak® Lenticular Cartridge

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The AquaKv-Pak depth filter cartridge was designed and developed specifically for the retention of water contamination in transformer and turbine lube oils along with the retention of particulate down to the sub-micronic level. This Pak lenticular cartridge concept combines the particulate retention capabilities of the Disc-Pak with an enhanced capacity for the retention of free and dissolved water. The AquaKv-Pak depth lenticular filter cartridge demonstrates mechanical shutoff when fully saturated with water. Particle retention does not affect water-holding capacity, which has been documented at up to 120 ounces per full 9-cell Pak lenticular cartridge. The use of AquaKv-Paks and an ErtelAlsop Pak lenticular cartridge housing can recondition dielectric fluids to meet or exceed ASTM and manufacturers’ standards.