Zeta-Pak® BACKWASHABLE Lenticular Cartridge

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ErtelAlsop ZetaPak®  Backwashable depth filter cartridges, also known as depth filter modules, are manufactured in 16 inch  diameter and include 16 stacked lenticular filter cells. A Pak® is assembled from varying numbers of filters cell. Each filter cell is comprised of a pair of MicroMedia® , or MicroClear® depth filter media sheets where the edges of each pair is sealed by a patented process, using polypropylene.

Filter cartridges are available in construction formats:

  • Polypropylene cores and flat end cap EPDM gaskets


Highly Efficient Particle Retention

  • All Pak® cartridges utilize ErtelAlsop depth filter media, which provides a wide range of particle retention with high solids loading capacity.

High Solids Loading

  • The complex matrix of fibers and particles of filter aid create a structure which allows for greater concentration of particles than most surface retention filter media.
  • High Efficiency and Zeta-Potential
  • All ErtelAlsop filter media with filter aid and/or carbon exhibits a positive Zeta-Potential over a wide pH range. This allows for the removal of negatively charged particles smaller than the pore size of the filter media, providing additional solids loading capacity.

Wide Compatibility

  • Pak® elements use cellulose, Diatomaceous Earth filter aid media, polypropylene, which allows for excellent product compatibility.

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