ZetaDri-Pak® Lenticular Cartridge

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Offering all the benefits of depth filtration plus the ability to capture free and emulsified water from your product, the ZetaDri-Pak Water Removing Depth Filter Cartridges allow for easy change out, low labor costs, optimized filtration area and high solids loading. The Zeta-Dei Pac Utilizes ErtelAlsop 10 micron MicroMedia: Perlite Series. This flat gasket,  8-cell ZetaDri-Pak Water Removing Depth Filter Cartridges holds a minimum of 108 ounces of water. The need for change out can be determined by simply monitoring differential pressure.

The ZetaDri-Pak removes water from silicones, oil based food products and specialty chemicals. The ZetaDri-Pak also eliminates water induced hazes in clarifying the oils.

The ZetaDri-PakWater Removing Depth Filter Cartridges is available in all grades of ErtelAlsop media and can be utilized in various applications where water is a problem. From flavorings to oils, the ZetaDri-Pak Water Removing Depth Filter Cartridges will provide the retention level your application requires.